Weekly I receive numerous emails, tweets, facebook messages, texts, and good old snail mail about theatrical performances, auditions, charity events, and so on.  I often think there should be an easily accessed web site to find all of this information in one place.  I know a site in CT that tackles this accomplishment like CT Callboard, and there are sites that cover New England auditions like JAC NEED and New England Theater 411.  I remember a few years back there was a mass email that went out called Ghostlight.  I can’t remember if it covered MA, CT, or both.  (Pat Haynes are you out there?) But as far as I know, there is not a contained site for all things Western Mass Theater (i.e. Franklin, Hampshire, Hampden, and Berkshire counties)  Is there something out there that is an umbrella site for Western Mass theater that I don’t know about?

Of course there’s always a question of where to end and where to begin. Even if this site became a reality, should it just cover theater? Only Western Mass? Include things like film? Dance? Musicians? There would need to be a clear focus. Oh, and a web site name. Have ideas? Is this something that you think there is a need for? Would it be a non-profit? Could it make money somehow? Should it try to get funded and provide grants to local theater? This blog is truly an off-the-cuff stream of consciousness.  Would there be enough people interested in contributing to a site like this? Reading it? Sharing it? Please comment on this post and let me know your thoughts.