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If you’re in Western New England, I have some good news and some bad news. It snowed again, but I am on television tonight.  So if you’re snowed in tonight and staying warm, please tune in.  Connecting Point airs at 7:30PM on WGBY.  It’s my second arts segment with the show. Luckily we got to film this week, in spite of all of the snow.  The first segment was about music.  Tonight is all a bout film.  There is so much that can be covered when your canvas is “arts in Western New England.”  Theater, poetry, comedy, painting, and dance are definitely on the radar. If you have show ideas, please comment below.

I am also very excited about PodCamp WesternMass.  It’s an “un-conference” about social media and online networking. It is happening at Westfield State College on Saturday, February 5th all day.  If you don’t know about PodCamp, TweetUps, and the social media networking landscape in Western MA, then come out to learn and play!  If you already tweet and blog your little butt off, then this is the place for you!  It’s only $25, and it’s a smorgasbord of fun and learning.  Their site perfectly states, “Bloggers, business people, artists, and academics, to get together, make connections, and for everyone to learn how social media can enhance their business, cause or organization. This is also a chance to celebrate the cornucopia of Western Mass. culture, a joyous blend of urban and rural; business, artistic and academic; near enough to other large metro areas, but small enough to hear yourself think.”  I am a PodCamp virgin and can’t wait for February 5th!


The snow won’t stop me from filming two brand new television episodes today. First up is my second segment for Connecting Point on PBS station WGBY.  I am interviewing Catherine Portuges from UMass Amherst about the 18th Annual Massachusetts Film Festival that kicks off February 2nd.  Earlier today, I got to speak with Palestian-American filmmaker  Jamal Dajani of “Occupied Minds.” The film will be screened as port of the festival. His thoughts will be shared on the segment as well.

Second, I am co-hosting a webisode of Strictly Businews. It is the second live taping and my second time co-hosting.  It will be filmed with a live audience at the Majestic Theater at 5:30PM. Come on down if you feel like getting out the house, having some fun, and networking with new people.

See you on the small screen, Meghan

Mark Erelli Interview

If you missed my interview with Mark Erelli in PBS last night, here is the video link.  WGBY‘s new nightly news program, Connecting Point, premiered Monday, January 10th and my first segment as Arts Contributer aired last night.  I will be appearing on the show every other Thursday with a spotlight interview and a calendar of what’s coming up in Western New Englnd in the next 2 weeks.  Have arts topics you think I should cover? Please comment below.


Blog Squared

As you may know, I am hosting some arts segments for Connecting Point, a brand new program that premieres on WGBY tonight!  In addition to the segments airing about what’s going on in the arts in Western New England, I am blogging too.  I won’t constantly be here blogging within a blog, but I wanted to share my first post with you.  I hope you will subscribe to both blogs and show me some love.

The blog will be so much fun because I can hardly scratch the surface in just two on-air segments per month.  If you have arts & entertainment related topics that you think should be covered, please comment below.  Oh, and here’s a pic taken after my very first Connecting Point interview with Mark Erelli.

The interview was a success, and I hope you will tune in Thursday night at 7:30PM on WGBY.  Yep, I’m coming to PBS.

Clickity click click click, Meghan