Three snow days this week means I saw five, count ‘em five, movies. I can’t even remember the last movie I saw before this week. Here are my quickie movie reviews. In Twitter style, I have reviewed them in 140 characters or less. Two movies I didn’t see, but should have: True Grit and Black Swan. When I asked for movie suggestions in a Facebook status, lots of people recommended True Grit. The thing is, westerns bore me to tears. I almost saw Black Swan this week, but the timing was off. I am excited to see it…hopefully this week.

The King’s Speech
Witty British period piece. Perfect mix of drama, comedy & pathos. Engaging performances from Firth & Rush. Audiences & critics will agree.

The Fighter
Amazing film. Remarkable portrayals by Bale, Wahlberg and Adams. True story out of Lowell. Riveting. Proud my brother was prop master.

Little Fockers
To the dismay of, I funded the Focker franchise. Predictable, mildly funny, not life-changing. But that’s all I was looking 4.

The Dilemma
Vaughn & James comedy: didn’t expect much. Surprisingly darker than expected. Didn’t mesh with slapstick. Don’t waste your $. #Isawitforfree

Not a sci-fi geek, but I liked it. There were some plot holes, but they were overshadowed by visually stunning science fiction in 3D.

Popcorned out, Meghan