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Taking Recommendations

No (wo)man is an island, and I need some advice on a few things. I may get some answers at PodCamp this weekend, but maybe YOU have some advice too.

First, what camera/mic do you use/recommend for blogging/vlogging/webisodes, etc? Right now I just use my Sony Cybershot – same cam as I use to take pics. As I get more involved in social media, self-promotion, and web shows – I am looking to upgrade. Of course, keeping the cost down is always nice. What’s out there? Also, does it come with or do I need special software?

On the topic of software, what do you use for video editing? For my vlogs and things, I have been using Windows Movie Maker. It’s the base level program that came installed on my computer when I bought it a few years ago. It’s very simple. It does the trick for now, but what are my other not-too-expensive options?

And finally, who knows something about building web sites inexpensively? I have gotten a little advice on this so far, but still taking suggestions. I am thinking of starting a theater-related site that needs a little more oomph than just the static sites that I have right now. The site will need constant updates of show times, venues, auditions, etc. I know this is a little vague, but I am looking for jumping off points. It may need to be my own start-up money, grant money, and/or ad revenue that makes this happen.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Meghan

P.S. Check out my latest PBS interview here!

What’s This All

You may have seen some of the Howcast videos I have been a part of in the past.  The filmmaker who shot them has a new project up his sleeve, and I am so excited to be a part of it.

He has been given a green light on some how-to videos for  The big difference for me between the Howcast spots and the About spots is that I a using my name and likeness in these videos.  The Howcast videos came with a pre-recorded voice over track, and in most cases I simply provided a little overacting.  In the About videos, I will be speaking directly to the camera.  For the test video we submitted to, we chose a how-to about vlogging.  Go figure.  I start out the video by saying, “Hi, I’m Meghan Lynn Allen for,” and go on to take you through he steps of how to vlog.  We chose that video because I was somewhat of an expert and could talk about it easily.  I wish I could show you the video, but I have not seen a live link yet.

About loved the test video, and now we get to choose from hundreds of topics and hack away at them.  However, believe it or not – I am not an expert at everything!  So we chose the videos that I could get away with – without being an “expert.” Today we shot 5 videos with a thank you note theme – how and when to send, etc.  In some cases, I was creating, memorizing, and delivering lines on the spot.  It was a lot of fun.  And I will be involving other talented people when I can.  We already involved some magician friends of mine!

I hope to be able to share some links with you soon, so you can see what it’s all About.  (See what I did there?)

Adventurously yours, Meghan

The Bed is the New Desk

You always hear things like, “gray is the new black” or “50 is the new 40.”  Well, I’m here to tell you that the bed is the new desk.  I’ve been working from bed on and off all day.  Yes, I showered. I’m not in pajamas. I even left the house for a lunch meeting.  But hey, my bed is comfortable. I paid a lot of money for it.  And why not work from bed if you can?

I have been researching topics for my first arts segment with Connecting Point. I will be filming this Friday and the segment will air January 13th at 7:30PM…well, sometime in that half hour time slot.  I can hardly contain my excitement, and I am pumped for Friday!  I landed my first guest, and I have to say I am pretty proud of myself.  I will tell you all about it after we film the segment Friday.  I am planning a little behind the scenes vlogging too.

Well, I have to get back to bed,  Meghan