I am headed to Manhattan for a weekend trip Friday. I always love my NYC visits. I was just in Queens on New Year’s Eve and saw Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown with Patti LuPone  in its final weekend on Broadway. The weather was perfect for walking around, and everyone seemed to be in the New Year spirit. But, this weekend will be extra special. I get to see New York through virgin eyes.

The person I am traveling with has been to Manhattan before, but not as often as me and never with me in tow. (They’re in for a treat, no?) We are staying practically in Times Square. Bring on the bright lights, the crowded streets, and that unique feeling of Manhattan in winter. We are doing the theater thing: standing in line at TKTS for half-price tickets, seeing a few shows, and making a special post-show stop (no spoilers, sorry). And there will be a few other Meghan-tailored surprises, considering it’s their birthday Sunday. One exceptional delight will be drink…or 3…with the bitchiest waiter I know.

Does anyone have show recommendations or reviews to share? La Bete, Time Stands Still, Angels in America, and Billy Elliot are at the top of my list. Please comment with ideas of what to see or what to stay away from.

Start spreading the news, Meghan